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The Babelfish Hostel in Würzburg sees the light of day.
About 15 years ago, somewhere between soldering and screwing, studying and programming, the idea was born to found a hostel in Würzburg. Yearning for the wide world and bored by their dreary everyday working lives, Holger and Marco quit their old jobs, set out on new paths together and founded the Babelfish Hostel.

After some ups and downs, finally moving into our new, centrally located building and with a new partner on board, we have been moving forward together with Dieter and our great team since 2008. We have always been inspired by the idea of working autonomously, hosting travelers from all over the world and offering them a cozy place to stay for a short while.

Why Babelfish Hostel?
The Babelfish derives from the novel “A hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” by Douglas Adams. Arisen from deep space, it translates all languages with ease and is an open-minded being that helps all those getting involved with it to understand fellow travelers, whichever language they speak. And that’s how it helps our guests connect with each other - no matter where they come from or how old they are. The Babelfish found its home in Würzburg in 2005 and has since even learned to speak Franconian [Ba:blfi’?].

What awaits you at Babelfish Hostel?
The hostel is a place full of life for those traveling and arriving, for everyone who is or wants to become more open-minded. You can be sure: Everyone in our hostel will understand you. Here, you can meet different people from all over the world and have a relaxed and good time, because we’re offering you a casual atmosphere you will feel comfortable in. You can have breakfast until noon, relax in our lounge or read a book in peace and quiet or do some work. The Babelfish Hostel is a universe of variety – that’s what we want it to be and that’s how it should be. We are looking forward to seeing you become a part of it!


Holger, Dieter and the whole team of the Babelfish Hostel Würzburg

Please note:
The Babelfish offers you some information and news in the hostel (watch out for the signs) and our staff will be happy to provide you with useful information concerning trips, city tours, shopping or going out for a meal. Instead of Babylonian towers, we build bridges and help you understand our local culture and maybe even the language a little better – just what the Babelfish stands for. Enjoy your time with us and in Würzburg! And if you share your photos on Instagram, we will give you a Babelfish tote bag for free!